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Biography of Rêves de MBB

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Born in Toulouse in Occitania, originally from Florence (Italy),


I am a self-taught artist who marvels at nothing and draws inspiration from everything. Art has been with me since my early childhood. Creative and passionate, I love to play with the arts, to merge my experiences and originality in order to create paintings of a new kind with original graphic designs.


It is my great pleasure to present my works to you, which I hope will be a beautiful and authentic escape for you.


Discover my achievements, some with dizzying facets, some give rise to reflection, and others which combine the old with the contemporary ... And surely even more depending on your vision, your feelings, your approach to these varied worlds, all so different. from each other.


Take time…

Take the time to discover eclectic worlds,

Take the time to observe the colors and shapes, to open up to the delights of Art,

Take the time to give yourself a moment of freedom, to revel in culture.

Take the time to give yourself a space and to offer you a pleasant moment without constraint.

Take a little time in time ...




Mur de briques gris

Minimalist contemporary artist certified


For years, my first drawings were always based on the attention to detail, the line for line of what I saw evolving before my eyes.

Then, a few years ago, while I was "sketching" scenes of life in a popular market in Bali, an art Master who was observing what I was doing told me that the very detail-laden works were actually the easiest to make. But, the real difficulty in art was to draw in the most uncluttered way possible.

So, with the challenge he had given me, I worked for a long time before I managed to create my own style, characters that come to life under particularly clean lines.

Thus was born "Rêves d'encre", my drawings with a minimalist style that describe scenes of everyday life. These are creations that, with a few strokes, express themselves in their entirety.

The sober lines and curves, all in movement, remain imprinted with softness, sometimes with humor. All their meaning is expressed at first glance to provoke a reaction, an emotion in the person who looks at my works.

Drawing executed with Indian ink on thick white paper 160gr/m2

Dimension: 42cm X 30cm

Pause café.jpg
Mur de briques gris


Works in which a young woman and a dog share their adventures. From the calm to the tumultuous, these drawings tell their life stories.


Drawing executed in ink on thick white paper 160gr/m2

Size : 42cm X 30cm

Brindille en mini cooper.JPG


Thanks to digital technology, I can express all my experiences in "traditional" arts, everything I've ever experienced, in a mix of artistic knowledge and boundless creativity, all of which gives rise to original and totally creative paintings. Discover my works in a variety of styles.

Jeune femme à la fenêtre.jpg

Actuality Rêves de MBB

Embark on a solidarity and human adventure with
Béa & Cam

At the beginning of this year, I propose you to support a cause that is close to my heart and a project that I support.


Camille and Beatrice from the association Lyonnes de Tatooïne asked me if they could use the image of my amazon to raise funds for their project. And I gladly accepted! This project is a raid in 4x4 in the Moroccan desert to help women to rebuild themselves after a cancer.


For this, they are looking for sponsors and patrons. I take this opportunity to call upon the solidarity of my network to help them in their noble quest. For more information, I enclose their flyers.

Béatrice Maurin : +33 6 30 13 95 29

Camille Leroy : +33 6 66 25 87 43

Mail :

Instagram : argan_beacam

Facebook : BéaCam Coeur d'Argan

Documents to download or go to HELLOASSO

Les amazones and Rêves de MBB
Camille et bea.jpg


Rêves de MBB in Los Angeles... the city of angels

This time, Rêves de MBB puts its Art "Rêves d'encre" on display in a gigantic work of 18 x 8 meters that will be displayed in the streets of Los Angeles! The exhibition took place in July 2022!


This giant illuminated billboard at the intersection of 7th street and Flower street will offer Art lovers an extraordinary adventure of colors and sensations... It will be the world's largest Collective Artwork displayed on a spectacular Downtown Los Angeles billboard.


This larger-than-life billboard will envelop the north corner of "The Bloc", a vibrant outdoor shopping center that encompasses an entire city block in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. In addition to the many restaurants, bars, boutiques and high-end retailers, The Bloc is also home to the luxurious Sheraton Grand Hotel Los Angeles, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and a 70,000-square-foot creative office space. 

Rêves de mbb - Los Angeles - USA
Exposition Los Angeles.jpg

One day, I will go to New York with you...

Rêves de MBB participated in December 2021 in a gigantic collective work of 9x6 meters that was displayed in the streets of New York City!


This giant, illuminated billboard in the upscale West Village neighborhood was posted at the traffic of the West Side Highway which leads to Clarkson Street. It was located two blocks from Pier 40, near the baseball fields, soccer fields, rowing club and the Hudson River Greenway. Also within a block are the headquarters of companies like Soul Cycle, Squarespace and Publicis Media, as well as the new GOOGLE Campus and DISNEY.

Exposition Rêves de MBB à New York (USA)
Official ExpoMetro Certificate.jpg

ArtQuid Awards

Rêves de MBB has been ranked on hundreds of artists

Artquid award 2022
AOUT 21 - Arquid Award

The Golden book

Mur de briques gris

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